Foto di Famiglia
Foto di Famiglia
Casa Gardelin

Welcome in our family-run bed & breakfast!

Let me introduce myself: I’m Giovanni and I will take care of you during your stay. Casa Gardelin (Gardelin House) is a Bed & Breakfast born from a life project, aiming to change the way I live.

I spent some years travelling the world, working both in catering business and in some Australian farms.

Living and working in agriculture and farms, allowed me to mature what I had already thought of my future: return in touch with nature, live more sustainably self-producing as much as possible with organic methods and dedicate myself to a great passion: beekeeping.

My knowledge of the area is at your disposal with suggestions of available tours and activities. Ask me: I always enjoy some chat around a table, where I can maybe give you some taste of my cooking, which expand from the Italian tradition into recipes and flavors encountered during my travels.

A family home

Gardelin House belongs to my family since 1998. It is big enough to bring, to all of us, the thought of a place of openness and encounter.

The idea of a Bed & Breakfast was already in the air, along with a space to hold courses and meetings.

My mother Nunzia Argentiero and my sister, Sara Fontana are both chefs.

Especially mom Nunzia, offers popular activities within the framework of Ethical and natural Cuisine, through her Blog (Cucina Etica), as rapporteur on issues of food ethics, with practical courses on cooking and natural bakery.

Sara, has her own sustainable catering business in Milan (Madeleine Catering Etico e Sostenibile) and is also a Naturopath .

Dad Giuseppe sings from a quarter of a century in Alpine A.N.A Chorus of Milan (Coro Alpini A.N.A. di Milano), is a big fan of naturalistic excursions in the woods of Arsiè and takes care of the house garden, the vegetable garden and the small family orchard, strictly bio!